A Criminal

A criminal is a person with predatory instincts without sufficient capital to form a corporation.

Howard Scott, quoted in the Idaho Observer (December 2001), requoted from What Liberals Believe, page 188, edited by William Martin


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11 Responses to A Criminal

  1. Mary Job says:

    Does it mean that corporations are criminals with sufficient capital to form one? Mhh

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    • Some corporations are several criminals who together then had the capital to become incorporated.
      That one I know for sure.

      In the 1970’s there was a retired Detroit Tigers baseball pitcher, Denny McLain, who was a shady crook. Him and several of his gambling cronies formed a corporation which then bought out a long-time local meat company in small Chesaning, MI called Farmer Peet’s. They made the best sausages and bacon!

      That company, which had been family-owned for almost 100 years, employed a large number of that little town’s residents. Denny McLain and his crooked friends made an offer too good to resist to the youngest generation of the Peet family and they sold their meat business.

      Within 2 years, Denny and his buddies raided that company’s pension fund out of $2.5 million for the employees’ retirement and deliberately bankrupted the Farmer Peet business, throwing so many of that town’s residents, many of them long-time employees due to retire soon, out on the street. No retirement, nothing.

      And because the company went into bankruptcy, and the pension fund money had been gambled away, there was not much anybody could do. There were no assets left to be forced by the courts to sell. So all of the already retired employees were left with nothing and the other employees had to try and live on bare-bones unemployment for a little while. The loss of the business’ tax monies badly hurt the town of Chesaning too. It took decades for that town to recover.

      Denny McLain spent 6 years in prison, claiming he knew nothing about what his partners had done, and has also claimed he made restitution. Since he has been broke most of his life due to his gambling problem, I’m pretty sure he is lying about everything and I do not know of one person in Chesaning who was ever re-paid.


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