Happy Thanksgiving!

May your blessings be many,

your dinner be great,

and your friends and family

too numerous to count.

To all of my newly-discovered WordPress friends, I hope that you enjoy peace and harmony on this special holiday! You are all a part of my Thanksgiving thanks for sharing your lives, your stories, your laughs with me and I am truly grateful to every one of you!

Love and hugs,

Jeneane Behme


About jeneanecommonplacebook

What Is a Commonplace Book? A commonplace book is someoneโ€™s personal collection of quotes, witticisms, observances, poems, and even graffiti that have inspired them, made them laugh or touched them in some way. Many famous people throughout history have had commonplace books, such as Thomas Jefferson, John Milton, Mark Twain, Henry David Thoreau, and the scientist, Carl Linnaeus. I began my commonplace books while I was in junior high school in the early 1970โ€™s and so I have almost 50 years of quotes about such a wide variety of topics told in ways more eloquent, wise or humorous than anything I could ever come up with. And itโ€™s wonderful that in this type of blog, I can also include some of my favorite artists and their artwork as well. I'm almost 60 years old with a daughter, 3 granddaughters, and a kitty-cat. I live in beautiful Bay City, MI. I have 2 associate degrees with additional college credits and hopefully I will be able to complete my goal of obtaining my Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. (Life keeps getting in the way). I enjoy literature, horse racing, baseball, NFL football, The Olympics, astronomy, history (particularly Irish), art, old movies, Downton Abbey, The Good Wife, Unit One, science, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, U2, The Doors, oh and so much more! I have very eclectic and prolific interests. If you would like to check out my personal writings, please go to jeneanebehmeswritings.wordpress.com
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16 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Mary Job says:

    Amen amen amen. I say same prayer for you too. Happy thanksgiving. Although we don’t do that here. But hey, roasting a Turkey sounds great. Hugs.

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  2. You will LOVE this recipe! And yams should work well too although because yams are not as sweet as sweet potatoes, you might have to add more sugar or some kind of sweetener. But maybe not, maybe the topping will give that extra sweet flavor. You might want to do the recipe first before Christmas so that you’re not subjecting your family to a culinary experiment lol! I have done that before: tried a new recipe for a holiday dinner and then have it turn out to be a disaster lol! Let me know how this turns out for you!


  3. And thank you for your lovely thoughts about my mom, bless you sweetie!


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