Maxfield Parrish Artwork

I love art, specifically the Impressionists, Pablo Picasso, and especially Maxfield Parrish.

Parrish was an American painter and illustrator ( born July 25, 1870 – died March 30, 1966) who had his own unique techniques of painting. His art features dazzlingly luminous colors; the color Parrish blue was named in acknowledgement.He achieved the results by means of a technique called glazing where bright layers of oil color separated by varnish are applied alternately over a base rendering (Parrish usually used a blue and white monochromatic underpainting).

He would build up the depth in his paintings by photographing, enlarging, projecting and tracing half- or full-size objects or figures. Parrish then cut out and placed the images on his canvas, covering them with thick, but clear, layers of glaze. The result is realism of elegiac vivacity. His work achieves a unique three-dimensional appearance, which does not translate well to coffee table books.

However, even in printed copies of his artwork, his artwork is astoundingly beautiful. I have never had the privilege of viewing any of his artwork in person but I have long been fascinated by his amazingly vibrant creations. So I would like to share some of my favorites with my readers. Please click on the images to get a larger view. (excerpts of his biography courtesy of Wikiedia).

parrish daybreak


parrish taj majal

“Taj Mahal”



parrish reveries


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  1. huckleberryfrienduniverse says:

    I love art too.. Thanks a lot for introducing me to such brilliant work

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